Left to right: Bobby Grayson, occupational therapist; Danny Wooten; and Debbie Pennington, physical therapist assistant

After an accidental discharge of a firearm, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, resident Danny Wooten came to Life Care Center of Hixson, Tennessee, for rehabilitation for his fractured right femur.


When Wooten arrived on July 20, 2018, he had difficulty doing several daily tasks, such as bathing, getting dressed and grooming. He also had some difficulty with mobility and standing balance and needed some assistance to walk and get in and out of bed.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with him to help him regain his independence.


“Danny was motivated to reach his prior level of function and wouldn’t settle for anything less,” said BJ Grayson, occupational therapist, who worked with Wooten on improving his self-care skills.


In addition to teaching Wooten strengthening exercises and working with him on balance and gait, therapists used electrical stimulation and Game Ready (a compression and cryotherapy device) to help reduce pain and promote healing in his leg.


“This is the best rehab I have ever been to,” said Wooten. “They truly care about my condition. Without God and these therapists, I could not have made it. I would recommend anyone to come here – from the bottom of my heart.”


Wooten successfully regained his independence and returned home on Aug. 27.