Left to right: Ava Mathis, occupational therapist; Kara Brant, occupational therapist assistant; Bettye Thomas; and Denice Eckler, physical therapist

Hixson, Tennessee, resident Bettye Thomas suffered an intracranial injury after falling and losing consciousness, which necessitated a hospital stay and subsequent rehabilitation.


The injury affected Thomas’ ability to take care of herself and get around, and when she came to Life Care Center of Hixson on July 21, 2018, she needed at least minimal assistance with her daily activities and mobility.


The physical therapy team met with Thomas six days a week and directed specific interventions at Thomas’ lower back pain to help her with posture and allow her to function better.


Thomas also took part in occupational therapy five days a week, working on improving her activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, bathing, grooming and feeding herself. Therapists helped her with eye-hand coordination and had her practice dynamic balance activities.


"Bettye was motivated to return home and was always willing to attempt all tasks to increase safety, balance and activity tolerance,” said Kara Brant, occupational therapist assistant. “She showed good carryover with education in safety techniques with the use of a rollator and the need for pacing during functional tasks in her home environment.”


On Oct. 16, Thomas achieved her goal and returned home to her husband. She is independent once more.


“I came in to the facility with so much pain I could not walk, and Denice [Eckler] the PT was able to help me gain that back,” said Thomas. “My stay was great. Nursing took good care of me, and I cannot say enough about therapy and how great they are.”