Bettye Gouger with Leanne Salt-Carbone, physical therapist

Bettye Gouger’s journey of recovery at Life Care Center of Hixson, Tennessee, was one of both inpatient and outpatient services, but over all about success!


Gouger originally came to the facility for rehabilitation on Oct. 6, 2017, with a history of falls, muscle weakness, abnormal posture, pain in her left knee and hypo-osmolality/hyponatremia (decreased salt and electrolytes affecting the amount of water around the body’s cells). When she arrived, it took her about 24 seconds to stand up and walk and needed stand-by assistance with bed mobility, transfers and standing balance.


Physical therapists worked with Gouger six days a week while she was staying at the building, treating multiple systems from musculoskeletal to cardiac, as well as vestibular for balance. They used manual therapy, therapeutic activities and gait training to help her progress.  


Gouger was able to switch to outpatient therapy in November and continued her therapy sessions two to three days a week. When she completed her therapy on June 22, 2018, she was much more independent, able to balance normally and get up and go in 14 seconds instead of 24.


“I have been delighted with the quality of care I have received for physical therapy,” said Gouger. “Leanne [Salt-Carbone, physical therapist] would spend all our time together focused on my needs and concerns. I always felt that I could discuss any issues with her and that she would listen and work with me to find ways to overcome them. Her warm and caring demeanor and the one-on-one attention I received made it possible to increase my strength and balance and gave me the confidence to get out and enjoy life at almost 90.”


Salt-Carbone said, “I attribute Bettye’s success to her and her family’s commitment to therapy interventions throughout the plan of care.”