Ruby Cagle

Ruby Cagle, who served as the secretary for Admiral Chester W. Nimitz at Pearl Harbor during World War II, has been featured in a national magazine.


Cagle is currently a resident at Life Care Center of Hixson, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center run by Life Care Centers of America. The company manages more than 200 centers around the country and publishes a handful of residents’ life stories each year in its LEADER magazine. Cagle’s story was recently published in the 2018 edition.


Nearly a year after Pearl Harbor was attacked in December of 1941, Cagle and her mother left their home in Maine and sailed to Pearl Harbor to join her father. Not long after arriving to Hawaii, she applied to become Admiral Nimitz’s secretary and began working as his verbal courier due to her exceptional memory. In 1945, she married her husband, Berton Cagle, and she and her mother moved with him to his hometown of Jasper, Tennessee.


Cagle’s adventurous life continued in Tennessee with raising three sons, working for the Tennessee Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant in Chattanooga and supporting her husband’s career. She lived there in Marion County with Berton until his passing in 2008. A few years later, she suffered a stroke that resulted in her move to Life Care Center of Hixson


She is often visited there by her family, and by individuals paying tribute to her service during World War II.


For more information or to obtain a complimentary copy of LEADER magazine, stop by Life Care Center of Hixson, or call 423-842-0049.

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