Left to right: Amanda Johnson, physical therapist student; Gail Woodall; and Keisha Harris, occupational therapist assistant

A stroke sent Gail Woodall to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and left her with partial paralysis on her left side.


Rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Hixson, Tennessee, helped Woodall regain a lot of function.


When Woodall arrived on April 24, 2018, she needed maximum assistance to bathe and get dressed, as well as to get in and out of bed. She needed moderate assistance to walk and roll over in bed and some assistance with daily grooming tasks. She was also suffering from blurred vision, which made it harder for her to get around and do things.


Six days a week, physical and occupational therapists worked with Woodall. PTs focused on improving her gross motor strength so she would have better balance and gait. They worked with her on transferring from one surface to another and even on stairs as she improved. OTs centered their interventions on retraining her on her activities of daily living and improving fine motor skills. They also used eye strengthening exercises to correct her blurry vision.


“Ms. Woodall’s drive and motivation allowed her to successfully progress through her treatment,” said Keisha Harris, occupational therapist assistant. “She was a joy to work with.”


"Therapy here helped me learn how to get up and down, learn how to walk again and helped me regain the use of my left shoulder and hand,” said Woodall. “The therapists have done everything for me. I’ve been to rehab facilities before, but this one is absolutely outstanding.”


Woodall is now independent in her hygiene tasks and needs only minimal assistance for walking, bed mobility, transfers and bathing and dressing. She went to her daughter’s home on Aug. 1 with home health to continue her recovery.