Left to right: Lee Allen, occupational therapist assistant; Thomas Evans; and Crystal Womack, physical therapist assistant

Thomas Evans, a Louisiana resident who works in an astronomy observatory for a university, was on vacation when he fell and tore his quadriceps tendons in both legs.


When Evans came to Life Care Center of Hixson, Tennessee, for rehabilitation on April 3, 2018, he was not able to walk, stand or dress himself, and he needed extensive assistance with bed mobility, transfers from one surface to another and bathing.


Physical therapists worked with Evans seven days a week, assisting with his musculoskeletal impairments. They were able to help him improve his function and independence with transfers, and through using the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®, they were able to help him restore a normal gait as his healing progressed.


Evans also met with occupational therapists six days a week, who focused on helping him improve his functional tasks and strengthen his upper body. They used a raised planter bed to help him practice some of his functional movements while gardening.


“As I was told during my rehab, you do not get better by lying in bed,” said Evans. “The people have been great and have given me a lot of care and aggressive therapy.”


On June 15, Evans returned to Louisiana, fully independent and able to drive home.