Left to right: Josh Haislip, director of rehab; Bill Weaver; and Steve Lusk, minister

Life Care facilities are known for assisting with the physical needs of their patients and residents.


Whether it is short-term rehabilitation or long-term care, facilities across the nation strive to be the premier providers of the health care their patients need.


Recently, however, Life Care Center of Hixson, Tennessee, illustrated another way in which Life Care facilities serve the needs of their patients. When associates heard that Bill Weaver, a short-term rehab patient, wanted to be baptized, they were determined to care for his spiritual well-being in addition to his physical recovery.


Weaver was recovering at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, after the residual weakness of his left side, due to previous strokes, caused him to fall.


Before his hospitalization, Weaver had been studying the Bible, and as he recovered and continued to read the scriptures, he decided he wanted to get baptized as soon as he could. Hospital personnel attempted to honor his request, but the plan to transfer Weaver to Life Care Center of Hixson was already in motion.


Facility associates wanted to make Weaver’s request a reality. Fortunately, Steve Lusk, a local minister, reached out to assist with the effort. After some planning and coordination between the facility and Lusk, a plan was in place to help Weaver fulfill his spiritual desire.


Lusk, with the assistance of Josh Haislip, director of rehab, baptized Weaver at Clear Creek Church of Christ on July 3, 2019. Many of Weaver’s family members, including his wife, Sue, were able to attend the baptism.


“I feel at peace, and I have comfort with my spiritual situation and eternity,” said Weaver.


Life Care Center of Hixson associates are glad to have assisted Weaver with his spiritual goal.

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