Left to right: Renee Kendall, occupational therapist assistant; Nancy Rousseau, physical therapist assistant; Clarence Henry; and Ava Mathis, occupational therapist

When Clarence Henry came to Life Care Center of Hixson, Tennessee, on Feb. 18, 2019, he needed total assistance with his mobility and all his activities of daily living.


Henry had suffered several health setbacks. He had recently had a right below-the-knee amputation, and then he fell, which resulted in rhabdomyolysis, a release of dead muscle fibers into the bloodstream. That, in turn, led to acute kidney failure.


Rehabilitation specialists at Life Care Center of Hixson worked with Henry to help him regain as much independence as possible so he could return home. They partnered with the nursing team to take care of his wound and manage his skin integrity.


Henry took part in physical therapy seven days a week, which included progressive resistive exercises and prosthetic fitting and management. As he started moving around on his new leg, the physical therapists worked with him on gait training.


“Every day I gave him a challenge, and he would work diligently to meet that challenge,” said Nancy Rousseau, physical therapist assistant.


The occupational therapy team met with Henry six days a week to focus on retraining him on his self-care skills, including grooming, dressing and bathing.


Henry completed therapy on April 25 and returned home with a caregiver. He can now perform his bed mobility, transfers from one surface to another, walking and self-care with some assistance.


“I have really enjoyed therapy, and everyone has been really nice,” said Henry. “I could not walk when I got here or do anything, but now I can get out of bed, transfer, walk and do stairs. I have done really well.”